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About us:

Zeytinyağı Fotoğraf

        Blending a century-old Çiftçi Family's experience with science, our Company officially began its commercial operations in 2007. Premises of our factory are located in Antalya, a province in Turkey rich with its oil seeds and varieties of medicinal aromatic plants. We, as Çiftçizade and Naturalis Olea, have been serving wholesale manufacturers and retail customers for 15 years with our Medicinal Aromatic Vegetable Oil products under our two (2) registered brands.

        Our Company is engaged in production of 65 types of Fixed Medicinal Aromatic Vegetable Oils, 13 types of volatile medicinal aromatic vegetable oils and 2 types of natural medicinal aromatic vegetable extracts from oilseeds and seeds. Our Company both serves all provinces across the country and exports to 14 different countries overseas. Our facilities have quality certificates and Kosher certificate, are fully equipped and have 24/7 surveillance systems.

        We produce the highest quality products without compromising from the principle of 100% Pure and 100% Natural for all our products that we produce as Çiftçizade and Naturalis Olea and sale our products by using all technological means with the principles of the most ideal price supply for the highest quality.

        All products that we produce are subjected to any and all laboratory analyses, and results from these analyses show that we produce the world's best quality products. Our product line we prepare as final consumer products for retail stores and health products sales points in Turkey and in the world market is limited to professional and functional medicinal aromatic varieties of herbal oils containing the most comprehensive ingredients as a result of large-scale R&D and P&D works and scientific researches. 

        You can view our retail products in our catalogue and consume them safely for a healthier life.

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