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Ürün-Fiyat Teklif Talep Formu

Talebiniz isleme alinmistir.Tesekkur ederiz.

Pure & Original

We do not use any additives or chemicals in our products.

We produce carrier oils in the cold-pressed vegetable oil production process, and essential aromatic oils in the essential oil production process by steam distillation.

All our oils are pure lipids produced with the original production method.

Certificate & Documents

Our production facilities have HACCP quality certificates.

It has GMP certificate.

It has Kosher certification.

It has an organic production certificate.

It has an FDA-approved registration document.

It is a food production enterprise registered with the TR Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.

Quality & Responsibility

Naturalis Olea is an Ergün KESMEZ Inc. is the brand. 

Ergün KESMEZ has been producing aromatic essential oils and carrier vegetable oils since 2009, and is the company with the most rooted and highest experience. 

We use our experience to produce top quality products. 

All the products we produce are guaranteed.

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