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Ürünlerimizin üretim ve satış esnasında kaydedilmiş fotoğraf ve videolarını buradan inceleyebilirsiniz.


Çiftçizade, bitki yağları üretim fabrikamız ve paketleme tesislerimize ait detayları buradan inceleyebilirsiniz.


Experienced Team

Our technical staff in vegetable oil production and our company's experienced administrative staff are well-equipped people trained in the vegetable oil industry.

Every product we produce with a scientific infrastructure is a part of our colleagues.

Pure & Original

All the vegetable oils we produce and sell do not contain any additives, and most importantly, they are produced with original production methods. Carrier oils are produced by cold press method, essential oils are produced by steam distillation method.

You can buy with confidence.

Traceability & Continuity

Two of the most important factors for satisfied customers are traceability and continuity. The first vegetable oil you buy from our company and the oil you will buy years later are always of the same standard. We record the source of each product we produce.

Quality & Warranty

All our vegetable oils are guaranteed for return and originality.

We have all kinds of laboratory analyzes and quality certificates. Our technical staff always provides technical support to our customers on lipids.

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